Haoshen Hong

Computer Science MS, Stanford University

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About Me

Hi there! This is Haoshen Hong, CS Master in Stanford. I recently graduated from UC San Diego with B.S. in Applied Math. I'm interesting in deep learning and its application in NLP and audio data.


UCSD Cognitive Science Department

Research Assistant

Build models to perform feature-level study in CNN using tensorflow.

Faculty Mentoring Program

Research Assistant

Semantic analyze and extract information in Chinese court cases in a rule-based approach
Learn some NLP processing techniques, including but not limited to CRF and Viterbi algorithm

Yitu Tech, Shanghai

Research internship

Explore SQuAD v1.0 (Reading comprehension Q&A dataset) with a special focus on BiDAF + Self attention model.
Gain some basic understandings of different embeddings (Word2Vec, GloVe, ELMo) and their applications in NLP works.
Learn some pratical approaches in dealing with NLP work (Feature Extraction, RNN architecture, RNN Regularization, etc).


University of California, San Diego

Sept 2015 - June 2018

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Stanford University

Sept 2018 - June 2020

Master in Computer Science


House Price Prediction Competition on Kaggle

Stacking Xgboost, Lasso and Feedforward Neural Network to predict house price in Python
Score top 5% in public leaderboard (Current rank 13/2287, score 0.11189)


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